The coming together of the words ‘Real’ and ‘Estate’ to form Real Estate will make a novice wonder if there is anything like Fake Estate, after all the antonym for real is fake. It is called Real Estate because it is an immovable property that consist of land, the buildings on it and the resources on the land. Now, the Real Estate business concerns itself with the buying, selling or renting land, building and housing.

People invest in various businesses that they think can help build their wealth. Some even lock their money in the bank for a long time just to get a little interest as return, but this sucks. Some people usually wonder why the rich get richer, some will even come to the conclusion that the rich guy is into some fetish and illegal stuff, but the thing is the rich guy knows what’s up, his money is fetching him more money because he chose the right wealth building plan which includes Real Estate. Real Estate is the best gift one could give one’s self, one of the safest way to earn a passive income. At some point, after working actively for years, either for the government or private corporation, retirement is sure and the best way to spend the pension is to invest it in Real Estate.

These are the reasons you should invest in real estate

  • No formal education needed to invest: Many people are making money in the Real Estate world without a degree. Even some investors had no formal education. There many people who own properties without being educated, all you have to know is simple arithmetic and trust me, this is Nigeria, even the worst person in a mathematics class is not dull when it comes to calculating money.
  • It is extremely lucrative: The Real Estate business is a very profitable one especially in the long run. Long run here means, selling a property years after acquiring it will increase the returns since landed property appreciates as time goes by. Now as Nigerians, we all want to get rich quick but building a solid wealth takes time and to tell the truth, the wealthiest of men have Real Estate in their portfolio.
  • It’s a form of assurance and insurance: Everywhere in the world, owning properties is one of the most legitimate way of making money, it is like buying a life assurance, it could even be passed on to generations. Jay Z said in one of his songs “I could have bought a place in DUMBO before it was DUMBO for like 2 million, that same building today is worth 25 million, guess how I’m feeling, dumb-o”. For someone like Jay Z to admit he’s dumb for not buying a property, choosing not to invest in Real Estate is not a wise decision.
  • It’s better than saving in the bank:  People love banks so much, they even save huge sum of money in a fixed account and get little as interest. Unknown to these set of people, the entity making profit is the bank and not the individual. Money is said to diminish in value over a period of time while real estate appreciates. For example, saving #100,000 in the bank for 20 years at an interest rate of 10% per annum, will generate at the end of the 20 years, a sum of #200,000 as interest. This is a paltry 100% increase in 20 years. Whereas buying a piece of land in an underdeveloped area now, with the same sum of money, in the next 20 years, that piece of land will be a hot cake and can be sold for millions of naira. So, for someone who wants to be wealthy, the bank is obviously not the best bet.
  • Investment for every budget: Not having huge amount of money to invest is not an excuse, there are many flexible investment plans, a prospective real estate investor can find the right real estate investment plan. There is room for installmental payments and other affordable payment plans.
  • Easy marketing strategies: With technology and social media, one can easily sell property worth millions without leaving home. Landed property are put up for sale/lease/rent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, online markets. This development is a very good one because it saves the buyer and the seller a whole lot of stress.
  • Full control and ownership: Once a property is fully paid for, it now fully belongs to the buyer who can do whatever he likes with it by occupying it, selling it or leasing it out.

Investments in real estate is guaranteed to yield large amount of money, so, the best time to invest in Real Estate is now and few years from now, a wise investor will be smiling to the bank for a job well done.

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