No doubts, banks are great institutions, they help us to keep and secure our valuables, especially money. Some banks do provide financial support for their clients when the need for such arises, although this is strictly based on merit and also a certain percentage will be charged as interest on any financial support granted, be it on a short or long term loan. Banks and banking your money is good.

But there is something better than putting your money in the bank, it is called Investment .

Wise Investment choice helps you to keep the value of your money intact and better still, it helps you to multiply your money, turning it over and over again.

Research has shown that nobody became rich by saving money in the bank, the millionaires and billionaires we have in the world today did not become rich by savings, all of them became rich and wealthy by investing their money wisely.

The choices we make on daily basis goes a long way in carving the kind of life we live. The choice to develop an habit of investing money is a decision which will bring about a life of financial freedom.

No Bank has ever given a saver 50% interest as returns on money saved in bank for just a year not to talk of six months, if a sum is deposit and fixed for a year in a bank, the highest such fixed savings can earn is not up 30% (no matter how good you are in negotiations) but there are wise investments options which can give back 100% turnover in just 6 months. A wise investment (especially in real estate) can give back 100% turnover in just 6 months.

Banks will always charge you money for keeping your money and valuables and this charges are constant. In fact, some are monthly, and these constant charges will eventually reduce the sum of money you put in as savings with your bank but wise investment made especially in real estate attracts no further charges. If at all you are required to make further payment in real estate investments, it is to further add values to your investments.

In a country like Nigeria where there is constant inflation, saving your money in the bank is not a very good option. When you save your money in a Nigerian bank for 6 months, take a trip to a regular Nigerian market place after sixth months of savings to check the value of your money, you will be shocked to find out that the market price of most items that the sum you saved 6 months ago could buy has gone up by 20% and some items would have also gone up by 30% and you will be surprised to see some selling for 50% higher. Now think about what will happen if you keep your money for a year in a bank operating in such economy.

If you keep your money in a bank in Nigeria you are losing its purchasing power because prices of items in a Nigerian market are always going up and secondly the money will constantly reduce in figure because of the charges imposed by Nigerian banks on their customers.

Alternatively, if you wisely invest the same sum of money into real estate, try and go back after six months or a year to check the going rate of your property in that environment and you will be surprised to hear how big your investments has appreciated depending on the area, some by 30%, some 50%, while some are more than 100%.

Lastly, Banks in most cases will only agree to assist you financially when you are in need only if you have good investment in real estate especially lands with good title or an estate/house with good title.

It is obvious therefore that there is something far better than saving your money in the bank, your better option is investment and not just investment but a wise investment in real estate with WHITEGATE HOMES AND FACILITIES MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

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