Property Development

We handle commercial and residential property development projects in Lagos State in particular and in Nigeria at large.

We always ensure to do a breath taking job starting from the drawings to the finishing.

Real Estate Marketing and Consultancy

Over the past few years, members of WhiteGate Homes (working together with other local partners and associate firms) have handled procurement, sales, leases, and mortgages of real estate in various parts of Nigeria. We are vast in real estate transaction procedures and we are very good at keeping transaction costs to their legal minimum.

WhiteGate Homes advises clients on Real Estate investment strategies, transaction process, portfolio selection and management. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of the residential and commercial property market with up- to- date data on prevailing price trends. We advise our clients on the best methods for effective showing and marketing of their property for optimal results.

WhiteGate Homes also provides guest houses and fully serviced short let accommodation in Lagos state.

Project Management

Real estate investment project involves enormous capital cost, use of professionals, and finally, the marketing of the final products; all these factors are put into serious considerations at WhiteGate Homes and Facilities Management Limited. Thus from conception stage, through outline, development, and delivery, we are always  careful to involve only the experts, like Estate surveyors and Valuers, Certified Architects, Quantity surveyors, Land surveyors, Soil Engineers, Auxiliary Architects Organizers, Legal counselors, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, so that we can deliver a product that is lovely, secure and durable.